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Give a Calm Feel with Pastel Colors for Sweet Living Room Idea


Although pastels may not instantly come to mind when considering living room wall colors, they can really be used quite efficiently. Light wall colors like pastels may be a particularly good option in a small living room, since they can make the room look bigger than it really is. Even though you may not wish to paint your living room “baby boy blue” or “baby girl pink,” there are loads of other pastel shades that could really shine as part of your decor.

Here are a few decorating hints you can use to bring a beautiful bit of pastel into your living room.

If you would like to bring a subtle retro appearance for your room, a pastel shade may be the ideal wall color option. Pale green or light yellowish may add a glowing bright appearance that will offer the ideal background for entertaining retro furniture options. Light blue walls may get the job done well to bring a gentle country look, whilst pastel lavender can include a hint of love. As soon as you’ve chosen a light pastel shade for those walls, you are able to select darker shades of the identical color for the decorating accessories and furniture pieces. By way of instance, a light green and pastel yellow pinstriped couch can add the best coordinating appearance to a living room with light yellow walls.

When using pastel colors in the room, it is important to keep in mind there are lots of pastel shades. Pastel variations of the trendiest decorating colors might operate flawlessly when employed for your living room walls. By way of instance, soft sage green walls can act as the ideal background for your heavy purple green furniture pieces. Paint sample strips out of the neighborhood decorating shop can be very helpful when selecting these fashionable pastel shades. Just find a darker color on the paint strip that fits with your furniture pieces, living room rug, or decorating accent pieces. After that, pick the lightest pastel color on the strip to your wall paint.

In addition to this easily recognizable pastel colors, in addition, there are many off-white shades which are really “barely there” pastel shades. These off-white shades have only the slightest hint of color, which may offer attractive warm or warm undertones into the room. In the event that you should look at these paint colors in the can, then you may actually mistake it for pure white. But after it has been applied into the living room walls, the slight color undertones will include the perfect decorator touch.

All these “barely there” pastel-tinted white shades could operate well in contemporary styled living rooms. By way of instance, a trendy white shade with vibrant blue or green undertones can supply only enough color to perfectly accentuate the additional colors used in the room. These colors are particularly effective when used to signify light, on account of the simple fact that they’re almost white. Therefore, they are sometimes utilized to earn a small living room look more expansive. They’re also a excellent option if you want a minimalist decorating style.